2020 Millions for Tucson Raffle

The Jim Click Millions for Tucson Raffle 2020 is underway! Local non-profit charities from the Greater Tucson area that are designated as a 501 c 3 per the IRS will be able to participate in the raffle and keep 100% of the funds they raise.

This year, our featured Grand Prize is a brand NEW 2020 Ford F-150 Platinum! Second prize is two firs-class, round-trip airline tickets to anywhere in the world (some restrictions apply). Third prize is $5,000 in cash! Please visit for more details:


or contact:

Russell Public Communications

for more details about the raffle.

Contribution Request Guidelines

jc_community_talkTo discuss any information regarding the Millions for Tucson Raffle, please contact Russell Public Media above. Should you require any other information simply download our form and complete the following steps and submit the information to either lhinton@jimclick.com or to:

Mr. Jim Click, Jr.
P.O. Box 12399
Tucson, AZ 85732

*All correspondence should be addressed directly to Mr. Jim Click, Jr.

* Download Form

(* After the form is downloaded, right click on the .zip file and select “Open”. Please make sure you are using the most updated version of a ZIP file opener.)

Step 1
Prepare a proposal letter, including the following information:

Organization description: summary of mission and objectives, contact name, address and phone number.

Project description: specific assistance needed, how it will help the Tucson community, dates and ticket prices or fees, if applicable. Also, please include deadlines for any advertising benefits that come with sponsorship.

Step 2
Please attach the following documents:

Project/program budget detailing expenses, anticipated income sources and any previous funding by Jim Click Automotive and/or the Click Family Foundation.

  • Current list of business and foundation donors?
  • Current annual operating budget with income and expenses.
  • Copy of your organization’s IRS 501(c)3
  • List of your organizations Board of Directors and their contact information.

These requests are considered based on the information provided in steps 1 and 2 above and must align with our overarching categories: Persons with Disabilities Development, Community Education, Childhood Development, At-Risk Youth and Community Development. Most of our contributions are determined through annual budgeting process.

We make every effort to respond to requests in a timely manner.