jc_community_hyundai_hopeSince coming to Tucson in 1971, our automotive business has grown to 11 dealerships in Tucson and Green Valley.

We are grateful for the community’s generous support of Jim Click and Holmes Tuttle Automotive businesses. That support has allowed us to proudly give back to the Tucson Community for over 50 years.
With the understanding that one company cannot meet the multitude of needs each community faces, it is our mission to strengthen organizations and programs that are located where our customers and employees live, work and care for their families.

Each year, the Millions For Tucson Raffle benefits a wide range of Southern Arizona Charities, by giving them the chance not only to raise money throughout the year. By giving them the opportunity to engage with those who support them, or are looking to support them, we hope that these great causes are able to attract new donors, volunteers, and to gain more public awareness.

Here is a list of Southern Arizona Charities who have participated, or are participating in the Millions For Tucson Raffle throughout the years. We encourage you to participate with a cause that is important to you. For a full listing, please click here.

Jim Click, Jr

Thank You Tucson!